Top Birthday Party Ideas for Dads

Think of the many times daddy disregarded his wish to go sailing to save for your college fund. Think of the ball games he missed so he can get you the snazziest cassette player in the block. Someone wisely said and I bet you agree that a father is a banker provided by nature— he’s the guy who replaced the money in his wallet with your picture.

And now this awesome fellow is having his birthday. Before it comes rolling around, think of the many tangible ways you can say, “I love you” to your most favorite man in the world.

THROW A TV PARTY WITH HIS FRIENDS. Save up and get that big plasma TV your dad’s been drooling over for months. Invite his good friends over to watch a home game for the baseball team your dad loves. Ask his friends to bring food, potluck –barbecues and all! Just let them go easy on the huge steaks and battered onion rings – so they won’t feel the veins in their hearts start constricting. Prepare some greens and healthy soup and lots of sliced fruits on the side. The awesome TV you’re getting him will surely make his biggest birthday surprise.

HAVE A SPORTS THEME PARTY. Invite his best buddies and throw an all guys’ party for him – perhaps convene for a boxing match or the Super Bowl. Project the game on a big screen. Dish up his favorite sandwiches, meatballs and chicken wings. Bring in some ice cream or a specialized sports themed birthday cake – like a baseball shaped edible cake topper. Or match it to whatever sports he fancies. Take a video of your kids and their friends singing “Happy Birthday” and feed that video on the screen before the game begins. Surprise your daddy with tickets to his favorite ball game. Get one for him and raffle off the extra tickets among his best buddies.

HIRE THE PROFESSIONAL PARTY PLANNERS. Pablo Picasso once said, “It takes a long time to grow young.” If you can afford it, why not spend your money on hiring professional party planners. Tell them you want to spoil your dad silly and that you want to awaken the little boy inside him. Then watch them do the magic from the invitations, to the decorations to the food and party favors. Make sure you talk to them about the party food choices and the things your dad loves.

HAVE A QUIET FAMILY DINNER. Your dad may be the quiet type and would most likely appreciate a quiet family dinner instead of a loud lavish party. Serve up his favorite dishes, prepared by your kids (under close supervision to avoid kitchen mishaps.) Make this moment extra special by coming up with a video of your dad’s life – his childhood, his wedding, his achievements. Collect pictures from younger years and invite the key people to share this day. Surprise him with tickets to a Caribbean or European getaway.

Whatever style you intend to celebrate his special day, it will surely leave a mark in his heart. Let him enjoy the day and let him feel that this is his holiday.

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